Welcome to my blog! I’m a teen who enjoys messing around in the kitchen and trying to add chocolate to every kind of dessert. My love for cooking and baking has set me on a mission to be able to create my own edible foods. Here I’ll share my (good and bad) experiences in the kitchen.

I discovered my passion for baking and cooking long ago. When my sisters and I were little
we would beg our mom to make cookies and other sweet delicacies.Tired out from cooking, my mom would tell us that, if we wanted dessert, we could make it. Craving sugar, my sister Klara and I started to bake (usually chocolate chip cookies from our ABC cookbook). As I got older I started exploring other recipes and even starting making non-sweet foods *gasp*

Up until about a year ago I had virtually no interest in food blogging. However, for a school project I started a food blog with two friends. After the project finished, I realized how much I had enjoyed blogging and I decided to make my own food blog. And that is the birth story of this blog in two sentences.

With my passion for food and photography, you may be surprised to learn I’m an accounting major in university. I love analyzing financial statements (I promise I’m not boring– just give me a chance)and treasure having the opportunity for a creative outlet through this blog! When I’m not in the kitchen or thinking up recipes, you’ll find me reading, playing sports, and traveling. Oh, and I have a constant appetite for ice cream and m&ms–just thought you should know that vital piece of information.

Now, without further ado, let’s go eat bake!


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