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Misadventures With Frozen Blueberries

I told you guys I would share with you my adventures in the kitchen (the good and not so good). Well, this was a not so good adventure. Don’t get me wrong, the scones tasted delicious! It’s just…well….I kinda sorta may or may not have made a mistake with the blueberries. I knew frozen blueberries could give off an unpleasant look when mixed into dough, but, for some reason, I thought it would be ok. And it was ok. I quickly mixed in the blueberries and stepped back in triumph: they hadn’t let any ugly color out! So I put the dough in the fridge.

Misadventures with frozen blueberries 1

And then I took it out and stared down at the grayish-blue dough. Fail. What went wrong? Well,apparently while the dough was in the fridge the blueberries slowly began to thaw and turn the dough from a lovely white color to a not-so-lovely color. I seriously thought about not sharing these with anyone in an attempt to forget about them…I mean, they were purple–seriously.

Misadventures with frozen blueberries 3  The purple color kinda wore off in the oven (thankfully; I’m not sure how my little brother would have reacted if I had offered him purple triangles to try..) Still, not the prettiest scones, but so, so tasty! Definitely not sharing the recipe with you guys at this point– unless you want purplish scones.

So, in addition to overmixing frozen blueberries, keeping the dough in the fridge will also result in ugly colors. Lesson duly noted.